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Two Offices Conveniently Located In Chicago & Naperville

If you are looking for an IT consultant that is going to advise you on the technology that will be best for your company, and also give you the freedom of choosing the amount of support you’ll receive, then you’re in the right place.

The 3 Most Common Scenarios We See

You’re pretty small, and need some irregular support. The “IT Guy” you know just isn’t cutting it. No need to buy hours upfront, only get billed when you need us.

You know you are going to need the support, but you don’t need it full time. Purchase blocks of hours at a discounted rate to use whenever you need it.

You need regular preventative maintenance coupled with support when something goes wrong. These plans are flexible and created specifically for your company.

Smart Plans

If you’re looking for more, less, or something in between, that’s no problem! Our network consultants can customize plans for pretty much any budget and needs.


       Help Desk

    Rapid Response Team

    Asset Management

    System Standardization


    Predictable Cost

      Designated Engineer

  Custom Service Level

     24/7 Monitoring

     Monthly System Check

    Back-Up Monitoring

    IT Planning

     IT Governance

    IT Policy & Procedure

    Unlimited Support


Limited Users

Lower IT Reliance

Infrequent IT Support


Higher IT Reliance

Semi-Frequent IT Support

Predicatable Budget Needs




Critical IT Reliance

Regular IT Support

Preventative Maintenance



Critical Reliance 

Larger User Base

Strategic Governance 


Don’t see what you need?

Our plans are 100% customized. Contact us for pricing, we promise it will be affordable!

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Pssssst consultations can be over phone or in person. Whichever works best for you.

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Step 1: Assess

Before we provide any solutions our network engineers will assess in detail your current technology and situation. This  allows us to treat root causes of problems as well as forecast future issues before they become costly and disruptive.

Step 2: Improve

 After we assess your existing technology and business processes, we will provide recommendations for improvements. Your network consultant will work with you to decide which issues should be resolved right now and which ones can wait.

Step 3: Maintain

Regular proactive maintenance of your systems prevents costly problems, and keeps them running smooth and secure. Think of it like regularly getting the oil changed on your car, which keeps it running longer.

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